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Azure Meetup at Waracle Dundee

Yesterday I attended the Azure Meetup hosted by Waracle in their offices in Dundee. It was an enjoyable event about Machine Learning that started with pizza, good beer and some time to chat with some Waracle employees. I can’t imagine a better way to start an event 😄
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Apple Event September 2018

Today took place at the Steve Jobs theater in Cupertino the annual event in which Apple usually presents its new model of iPhone. And there were no surprises about that, they unveiled three new iPhone and a new Apple Watch.
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Freakend Juegos 2016

La semana pasada fui a Madrid para asistir a mi primer Freakend. Conocía de su existencia desde hace un par de años por algunos amigos que han asistido antes que yo y ya tuve la intención de ir el año pasado cuando aún estaba trabajando en Ubisoft Barcelona, pero circunstancias familiares no me lo permitieron (la familia es siempre lo primero). Este año no quería perdérmelo, a pesar de encontrarme algo más lejos, y me hice con mi entrada y billetes de avión tan pronto como me enteré de cuando era.

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WWDC 2014 Keynote Summary

This monday started the annual conference for Apple developers (WWDC). I wasn’t there :( but I watched the inaugural keynote and I these are my first impressions.

There was no hardware announcements and everything was around the new versions of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. Both are going to be released this fall but we can download beta versions and start testing them today.



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