When I was twelve my parents gave me my first computer, a 32KB Philips MSX. During the time I had MSX I played everything that fell into my hands: King’s Valley, Freddy Hardest, Army Moves, The Goonies, Head Over Heels, Navy Moves, Batman, Jabato, Humphrey, Antartic Adventures, Double Dragon, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Road Fighter… But I also started learning how to code and the idea of working in the video game industry was engraved in my head. And that’s how I came to the University to study Computer Science Engineering and how I started working at Pendulo Studios in 2003. In Pendulo I have worked on the development of’ Runaway 2: The dream of de turtle’,’ RUNAWAY (A Twist of Fate)’,’ The Nex BIG Thing’ aka’ Hollywood Monsters 2′ and’ Yesterday’.

Currently I work in Outplay, Scotland, and previously I have also worked at Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile, Digital Chocolate and Unkasoft.

Besides my interest in computer science, technology and video games, other of my hobbies are cooking, bakery, photography and travelling, whenever I have the time and money to do so.

If you wish to contact me you have bellow a contact form and some social profiles where to find me.

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