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The first Dundee Unity User Group meeting has been a great success!

When I first talked to Elena about accepting the challenge to organise the first Unity User Group in Scotland I didn’t know if there would be water in the pool I was throwing myself into. However, I hoped that the Dundee developer community would respond and fortunately it did. Yesterday we gathered a group of 9 developers coming from different professional backgrounds and with different levels of Unity knowledge. A very heterogeneous group willing to share experiences, learn and discuss about Unity and development with a pint of beer in their hand ;)

The meeting allowed us to get to know each other, to see what interests we could have in common and to think about future meetings and events. The truth is that we had such a good time talking about Unity and other topics related to development that a meeting that was initially scheduled for two hours ended up running for four hours.
One of the things we agreed on is to continue to organise meetings on the last Thursday of each month, which means that the next one will be on the 31st of January 2019. Save the date!
We also talked about a workshop with HoloLens and Mixed Reality in the near future!

Now begins the search for people interested in giving a talk. So, please, if you’re interested in giving a talk at Dundee Unity User Group, fill out this form to let me know:

Dundee Unity User Group

How to update links in a WordPress database using regular expressions

Recently, while reviewing the database of my blog, I found out that the ‘Broken Link Checker‘ plugin sometimes has troubles finding broken internal links in the database of my WordPress installation.
Fortunately for me the links I needed to update could be updated using regular expressions so, instead of using a plugin like ‘Velvet Blues Update URLs‘, I could fix them using regular expression functions directly in the database. I leave here a short guide and links to help you if you find yourself in a similar situation.
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Azure Meetup at Waracle Dundee

Yesterday I attended the Azure Meetup hosted by Waracle in their offices in Dundee. It was an enjoyable event about Machine Learning that started with pizza, good beer and some time to chat with some Waracle employees. I can’t imagine a better way to start an event 😄
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Apple Event September 2018

Today took place at the Steve Jobs theater in Cupertino the annual event in which Apple usually presents its new model of iPhone. And there were no surprises about that, they unveiled three new iPhone and a new Apple Watch.
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How to set a Static IP on a DD-WRT router

In a previous post I showed you how to set a static local IP on Armbian. However, there are situations where IP address assignment cannot be done on the device itself. This is the case, for example, of many smart devices such as the Yeelight smart lights, where it is not possible to set a static IP address using the manufacturers app. For cases like this, the best option is to configure the static local IP directly on the router. This is done via Static DHCP (also known as DHCPreservation) which is a feature that makes the DHCP server on your router to always assign the same IP address to a specific device on your LAN.

In this post I will show you how to do it on a DD-WRT router assigning a static IP to an Orange Pi Zero without making any changes to the device itself.
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